What is Video Transcription

What is Video Transcription

Video transcription is the specialized art of converting visual contents of a video into text. The purpose of such conversion may vary from one person to another but the common denominator is that, the content of the video minutes are turned into the length of a text page for readability purposes along better content consumption convenience. This written text gets used for video subtitling sometimes. Video transcription may be carried out with the help of a transcription software, by an individual himself, or by a specialized group of transcribers who do the job as a professional service. All the three approaches can be applied to achieve the visual-text conversion but the degree of accuracy and the quality of the resulting work may differ.

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Video Transcription

Many people might be interested in a career on video transcription, where the process may sound like an easy work that only involves creating a readable text format based on music video content, or maybe youtube videos. However, you should have adequate transcription skills at least. Music producers and artists themselves may stand to agree on the importance of making the transcriptions reliable for their videos. In this era of technology, one of the quickest way to make more sales from music videos is to have them available on the internet. However, search engines couldn’t easily help in the promotion of any music video if it can’t recognize audio content. Transcribing video content into text makes sure that there exist suitable searchable words that would help search engines identify it, making people able to reach for these videos better. The more people search for the files on Google, for instance, the better the chances of the artists and producers in reaching a larger market for their products.

On the side of music video fanatics for example, transcription is ideal in several cases. So many people are on the lookout for the lyrics of a music video that they just saw. It’s probably because they want to sing along as the artist raps. It will never be always easy to tell what the artists are saying. However, the experience and expertise of top video transcription organizations can work on perfecting the lyrics for you, so you can sing along the next time you watch the video. Secondly, some video clips contain very poor sound qualities. With the necessary noise filters at their disposal, the video transcribers will be able to deduce the message from the audiovisual products and subsequently create a correct text version of the same. In cases of language barrier, some transcribers may offer transcription services to give you a chance to better understand and follow a film or movie which was produced not in your primary language.

Final Thoughts…

You will really appreciate the work of video transcription especially when done professionally. Skilled transcribers assemble and train a team of transcriptionists to carry out this process. Truing to perform the transcription work on your own will surely be less costly and it may be the first thought that comes to mind. However, for accurate and reliable transcription, the services of competent video transcriptionists should be sought. The difference between their work and yours will be quite distinct. You may also want to try any available video transcription software. Note, however, that due to dissimilar pronunciation by different people, the software will give you text that varies in meaning from that intended to by the message of the video. With all said and done, the perfect video transcription can only be achieved by a team of experts.

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As you said, transcribing isn’t just listening and writing down what is heard. For movie content, the transcribers also have to add a time factor so that the subtitles appear on the screen when it is said in the movie. How many times have you watched a movie with subtitles and been frustrated because they came on too early or too late? Transcribers put in a lot of effort to make sure that that doesn’t happen.
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