What is Academic Transcription?

What is Academic Transcription?

Academic transcription is a type of transcription service that is perfectly beneficial to students, lecturers, poets, authors, publishers, among others - particularly those who are in the field of academics. In a classroom setting for example, it is a sort of needed service where a student who may have recordings of his class discussions and seeks to have them transcribed in a specific written format to have a clearer picture of what the lecturer is trying to say. This will allow him to grasp every detail of the class meeting by having the content in text form through academic transcription. A poet would also certainly love to have his audio or audio-visual recordings of any performance to be available in text form.

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Academic Transcription

There are certain characteristics that makes academic transcription different from the other transcription fields. Academic work, for instance, carries with it the urgency that will not be equated to a focus group meeting discussion. A student group project that is to be transcribed and submitted as a word document may be part of fulfilling the requirements of the coursework, where it needs to be hastened in order to meet a deadline. Usually, it has to be completed in less than 24 hours. It also cannot be totally compared to a seminar transcript which may not be very urgent but is required for future reference. Consequently, a team of academic transcriptionists needs to have the necessary speed it takes to complete academic transcripts as necessary or it will cost the client to lose academic points such as those in terms of school marks/grades (especially for students). It may also lose client revenue or sales (for publishers, authors, etc.). Strict targets make academic transcription require the employment of additional focus on the need for speedy transcription.

Every bit of academic transcription work should also be always accompanied with a degree of accuracy. The simple audio language file sent to the academic transcriptionist has to be turned into a final formatted product taking into consideration precise client preferred order and style without compromise as possible. If the final product is needed in the form of a word document with specifications on margins, spacing, and page layouts, make sure to have this clear during the order transaction process. Therefore, it doesn’t only require the academic transcriptionist to have good grasp on the language used in the audio file but also a deep understanding of computer applications such as MS Word.

The need for confidentiality in academic issues can be paramount and the academic transcription service provider needs to adhere to it. Authors, for instance, would want to protect the copyrights of their original work. Academic transcriptionists who cannot assure the desired degree of privacy are not worth the client’s business for it takes reliable academic transcription service offerings. Furthermore, the academic transcriptionists who work for students must not want to leak any information on the work of one student to another. This may put the original student in danger and those involved to be tangled in problems like cheating issues which can be a serious academic crime. Therefore, an academic transcription client should better seek for a great deal of project privacy and security when looking for such transcription service.

Final Thoughts…

An academic transcriptionist may be faced with a huge volume of work load from a client. This client may be an author with an educational content recorded in an audio which can be about a total of 6 hours for example. Or by a university, where the content may vary and also be complex academic subjects stored in different ways of documentation that needs immediate transcription. This indicates that academic transcription work is not simple as it sounds and needs extra focus considering that accuracy and fine details play a big part in the success of the final output. A small mistake may potentially result to huge losses on the side of the client hence the need of taking the work to experienced or reliable academic transcriptionist or service provider is a good idea, but may cost higher.

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