What is Focus Group Transcription

What is Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcription is a special kind of transcription that deals with transcribing recorded discussions of a group of people. This means that there will be several speakers in the recording. This is comparable to interview transcription in which there won’t just be a single speaker where probably a smaller gathering of up to three participants carrying out an interviewer-interviewee exchange can be observed. To differentiate, a recording with a larger group conversation with a meeting setup would place it under focus group transcription.

As expected, it is quite a complex task to accurately put into paper each of the individual’s voiced out words live during an actual meeting. That’s the reason why the need for focus group transcription services is given specialized need and attention in order to achieve accurate documentation of the discussion. It makes sure all the ideas are effectively captured. A written form of the exchanges makes it easier to analyse and browse the content.

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Focus Group Transcription

Client preferences may vary especially when it comes to formatting. Guidance on how the transcription should be carried out may be provided by the client. Accurate identification of speakers on the transcript may also be required. Any specific descriptive data about the speakers may be provided on a separate file so that the team performing the focus group transcription will have an easier task in trying to distinguish speakers between several voices. Nevertheless, some clients opt against giving such directions where the transcribers are given the leeway to conduct the process in a way they know would be best. Accordingly, there are many clients who considers that names of the speakers in their focus group meetings are not as important as the message that is being passed along. Thus, only the content is transcribed and particular names of the speakers are omitted.

The best focus group transcription service provider gives their clients quality transcription where an undistorted message is clearly accurately captured and lacks any unnecessary ambiguity, despite the complexity of multiple speakers. Question statements are well differentiated from response statements through simply the identification of the intonations used by the speakers and following thoroughly the whole audio recording to know the role of each speaker in the meeting. In a focus group transcription, the focus group is usually subdivided into two different categories, namely, the moderator and the interviewee. The moderator is the person whose main aim is to ask questions and raise issues upon which the rest of the group, the interviewees respond.

If there is more than one moderator, the focus group transcription team labels them as Moderator One and Moderator Two and maintains the same order through the transcription. By doing so, the client or the person who reads the resulting script will be able to follow the line of thought for each of the moderators with much ease. The same rule is applied to the interviewees who are given roman numerical value to differentiate them since the meeting will certainly have many speakers.

The focus group transcription team usually makes sure that only people who are natives of the language participate in the transcription of the audio files. It would be very unfortunate to bring on board people whose knowledge of the language is shallow which would otherwise mean that some bits of information in the recorded content may end to be an inaccurate transcript where the message is wrongly captured. An experienced all-English transcription team will be the best option for English audio files of a focus group meeting.

Final Thoughts…

Focus group transcription services is the best choice for a recording of several speakers. Due to the large number of participants in the audio files, messing up with the order of the speakers may distort the information and give the wrong interpretation. Moreover, the client should always look for reliable focus group transcriptionists who could also maintain a high level of confidentiality in order to protect their content.

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