6 Website Essentials To Help Transcriptionists Convert More Customers

6 Website Essentials To Help Transcriptionists Convert More Customers

A mere presence on the internet does not indicate any fact that your transcription business is flourishing or on the other hand, desperate and failing. In fact, as the famous saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility”which totally applies to transcription business growth wherein new levels are expected to deliver more challenges. In this case, you must be ready for any increase or progress, more particularly in terms of sales, purchases, advertisements, and of course, easy accessibility.

Building a website for your transcription business bridges the communication gap between you and your potential customers, as well as current customers. It also enhances customer level of loyalty to a further extent. It can truly be a means of delivering each and every potential client the knowledge or message you would like people to know in a more effective manner. This helps in attracting new customers who may have never had the knowledge of the service solutions, or whereabouts of your transcription business prior.

It is a vital key to your transcription business’ success that you boost the service altogether. And this can be achievable with online presence. Customers can be well informed of all the possible options your service has to offer without actual physical interaction. They could get everything they need through your website at their comfort zone. Your transcription business may be always on the move, productive, but a website can keep people connected.

A website won’t only be a source of information but also can be a generator of leads and sales. To maximize conversions, there are some essential components to consider when building a website for your transcription business.

1. Mobile Optimization

The people you may be dealing with are possibly using 21st century mobile phones, which is statistically an increasingly growing trend. It has been observed that a big usage percentage includes searching the web. If you want to sustain your transcription business, you have to bring and get it available to mobile phones. There’s a high chance that customers are now going mobile and would find it preferable.

The website’s user friendly interface can be improved with quite an interactive added feature of being responsive, or maybe, built with a mobile app of its own. These added innovations for your transcription business can help achieve a sound recognition from among your customers.

And also, make sure to perform actual tests to see and experience first hand how your website is highly scalable to varied customer device interfaces, or browsers.

2. Google Maps

Integrating a Google Map on your website is another extra beneficial factor when making positive changes for your general and/or medical transcription business’ online presence. This will make it easier for your website users to have the access in knowing the whereabouts of your transcription business a lot more detailed enough. It will help them to know how and when to reach you whenever they wanted to.

This added feature makes it easy for you to have your location details well updated any time, especially in cases where you plan to move probably in the future, or expand to more locations. This feature is quite easy to get a hold of.

3. portfolio Posting

Posting photos of your transcription business portfolio, or any degree of work process you bring in order to be different from your competition, enables your customers to know the amount of professionalism you put to your work. This gets you the chance to prove yourself in front of the open public which can enhance the opportunity to attract new customers. It should display how you go beyond for your customers.

It will certainly make a good impression to first time visitors. Think of the famous saying that the first impression is the last impression. Strong visuals like images make customers’ imagine—and soon enough, they’ll be excited towards using your business services for their next projects!

4. Raging Reviews

Reviews or feedback, as it’s always been told, form an integral part to the credibility and integrity of any type of business and so is the same with the transcription service business. It’s important to make it available on your website if you can. Some people have a keen eye on reviews that are being provided before they make any purchase – may it be in regards to sales, purchases, or most importantly, the level of customer satisfaction experiences of other people who used the service. This goes along with any associated service efforts provided by the business itself as a whole or its personnel, through customer service provisions.

People perform researches as to what others might have experienced for certain products or services. This is the same reason why you should make your portfolio available. They sure want to get the best available service for their money.

This customer concern is actually a good thing for it gives you a chance to make analysis in order to improve your weaknesses and expose your strengths – in your mission to establish a better customer interest and loyalty as you make your transcription business flourish.

Moreover, good social interaction can help boost and influence business reviews so why not explore it.

5. Social Media

As mentioned above on the creation of good social interaction, this part of your transcription business can be well managed through those freely available yet great social media platforms. The most common and most notables include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. They can also be used for posting of images in order to enhance user engagement and effectiveness.

These social media platforms have simply grown to become integral components of online social marketing and studies have proven that with proper care, it can attract potential customers well enough.

Your transcription website should be linked to you social media page/s so that authenticity for the page can be confirmed. Hence, any hoax user or page built in order to derail your transcription business can be identified and dealt with easily, accordingly. Social media can help make your customers connected and well informed of your business. It acts as a source that could break loose parameters of your website.

6. Real-Time Ordering

Now this is a simple bonus element for your transcription business and could really boost up the transaction rate and sales productivity. It will also contribute to the flexibility and decrease in the number of needed additional labor force that should have been required without it.

The customers will now be able to make an order with ease for any available products or services you offer at the comfort of their own place. It surely is a great experience without actually having to pay a visit to your actual location. You also get the extra advantage of serving more in less time without the need of making individual interactions, for the customers can easily get to your business premises – your website – without having to wait in line for their turns.

Real-time website ordering is taking over upon several businesses so should you. You must come up with this feature as another step towards your goal of automating and building a sustainable future for your transcription business.

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