Voice Recorder – 3 Best Tips for Quality Recording

Voice Recorder – 3 Best Tips for Quality Recording

Voice Recorder Directed Audio Quality Tips. An excellent audio file quality makes transcribing easier for us in our commitment to providing spotless transcript. Audio recordings of clarity will as well allow you to save more money for your transcription orders. Furthermore, it certainly is a critical element in tightening product quality, especially accuracy of data.

Below are some tips you might want to know in producing great recordings:


1.    Get access to a quality microphone/ voice recorder

Bad mic results to bad audio quality. Good mic results to good audio quality. It simply shows that getting a good quality microphone/ voice recorder can be a viable investment. It’s not necessary to go after those branded and expensive material, but make sure to do your research on quality yet affordable microphones. It would be best to learn from customer reviews on each prospected microphone/ voice recorder.

Many people find it best to choose a unidirectional microphone. This is because of its capability to record sound from a single direction. Background noise may be minimized. This is best especially if you’re working with a single speaker.


2.    Prepare your environment

Making plans for your recording environment can help create quality audio. This will allow consistency of multiple recordings. A plan may include the following:

  • ● Develop a regular working schedule
  • ● Utilize the same room
  • ● Avoid crowded rooms or any place where surrounding conversation is present
  • ● Set up each recording with the same computer and microphone settings
  • ● Eliminate all potentially disrupting sources such as computer error notifications, etc
  • ● Turn off unnecessary appliance such as electric fans, etc
  • ● Noise may be present when the microphone gets near its connected appliance, be wary of it
  • ● Keep all unnecessary conversations down


3.    Advanced Setup

The working environment can be set up in a way that it allows trapping of sound waves. Cubicles will do the trick!


SO there we have it. Audio quality recording tips from microphone/ voice recorder to work environment setup. Hope this will help you do the best job possible.

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