4 Tips in Gearing Up To Be A Travelling Digital Transcriptionist

4 Tips in Gearing Up To Be A Travelling Digital Transcriptionist

Travelling may have at some times captured your fantasy. Be it as a school child where the lifestyle of nomadic rock star seemed extremely cool or when discussing career options with friends. Do you remember those conversations that would inevitably contain references to incredible TV show hosts who traveled around the world, reviewing five star hotels in Paris, or munching spicy snacks on the streets of India? And the cool thing is that it’s a part of their jobs. Deep down, you may always been thinking of looking for an opportunity of satisfying your to travel without being restricted by your day job. For a digital transcriptionist, it can be an icing on the cake for you can work anywhere, anytime. If you share the same passion as a traveler, but clueless on how to do so without skimping on your transcription career, read further.

Choose Where You’d Like to Go.

This is a no brainer, but when you are a digital transcription entrepreneur who wants to be on the move, you have got to choose locations that are affordable even when you may not be drawing a steady income. Plan for the worst. Choose locations where the currency is far weaker than that at home and yet are compelling destinations to visit. If you live in the United States, countries like India, China, Argentina, and Thailand makes it easily affordable for your saved dollars. Don’t forget to make sure to arrange for a reliable high speed internet connection!

Arrange for Enough Moolah.

If you are planning to stay abroad for long period, sufficient funds will be your next priority. Dive into your savings and take a chunk out and make sure it can cover travel costs, living expenses and unplanned emergencies. Cutting down on unnecessary luxuries will make your trip possible even if you are on a shoe-string budget. When planning, make sure to research the not-so-apparent hidden costs too, like visa renewal fees, taxes etc. A simple breakup of costs can be as follows:

If you were to move to Pune, India from Houston, USA.
Flight to Pune: $200
Monthly Cost of Living: $400
Travel, Tourism and Luxury: $100
Emergency Funds: $3000

Not falling into a financial cocoon will serve as strong motivation for you to start earning and will add a touch of adventure to your trip. A rule of thumb is to carry just enough moolah to stand on your feet and enough to get you safely back home if things don’t pan out so well.

Arrange Alternative Sources of Income.

Aim to develop active and passive sources of income that may be dependent or independent to you.

Here are some ideas.

Rent out your Apartment on AirBnB

If you have been staying by yourself, then before you embark on your journey, you can rent out your home on bed and breakfast sites like AirBnB. Make sure to request a trusted friend or a family member back home to check in once in a while as well as keeping it clean. Keeping track of who stays is now simplified, thanks to the Internet.

Free Income

Sources of passive income should always be a work in progress and not something you act upon when you decide to travel. If you have managed to build a profitable transcription website, run additional transcription income streams. You may own any rentable properties or whether is an affiliate of a dictation recorder product, all of these can serve as excellent sources of passive income bound to come in handy when travelling.


If you can share your talents with people and kindle the same in them, you can make some regular income by tutoring people on the side. You can teach people on things of other interest of yours like how to cook, dance, sing or even go on with tutoring high school students. If science is your forte, go for it. Language may be a barrier, but when the whole world wants to learn English, you can definitely think of adding value to people by teaching them English. Moreover, teaching brings an added benefit of having a feeling of fulfilment.


When your portfolio advertises skills along the lines of transcription such as medical transcription, interview transcription, focus group transcription, sermon transcription, academic transcription, etc that don’t demand your physical presence to work with your clients, do consider freelance opportunities. Numerous websites like Freelancer, oDesk, Elance and Truelancer are designed to help you connect with people willing to outsource work. You may not make much initially, but when living in a country with a weaker currency, it works out well.

Things that will come in handy but you are likely to forget.

Back up Back up Back up

As a travelling digital transcriptionist, you are on the move and cannot predict your future. Sign up for a cloud based backup. They are really cheap and hassle free and will definitely keep your peace of mind through unexpected unfortunate events. Make sure to get some theft protection software that can remotely lock electronic gadgets and erase all data if they happen to fall into the wrong hands. Prey offers some nifty features for a free theft protection service. Keep a notepad for those eureka moments when you will be away from your laptop or smartphone. Learn the basics of the local language. Check out Duolingo, a brilliantly designed app that makes learning basic phrases in a new language fun. Keep a pack of emergency medications if you are prone to chronic illness or allergies. Do consider going cashless if it is possible to live with a card in the city you are visiting. Electronic transactions are safer and make it easier to keep track of what is draining the wallet. Many banks offer travel cards that store money in foreign currencies.

Outsource simpler work

It is no fun to travel halfway across the globe and then end up spending most of your time glued to your laptop screen. Consider hiring virtual assistants for tasks like maintaining your website, working on the transcription works, editing transcripts, clearing your inbox or even making a dent in the social media universe. These little tasks are often notoriously time consuming and outsourcing them frees you to enjoy your travels and focus on important aspects of your business.

So go out there, fulfill your dream, make some lovely memories and keep inventing yourself as no matter how much you plan, life will somehow always manage to give you something more. Globetrotting is now definitely possible without compromising on your business performance. Let the adventure begin!

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