15 Easy Ways Transcriptionists Can Boost Their Health

15 Easy Ways Transcriptionists Can Boost Their Health

There is a famous saying amongst freelance or independent transcriptional circles that most will readily testify to. “Transcription entrepreneurs live like many “won’t” in order to live like many “can’t” in the future”. Sky-high stress levels, lengthy working hours mostly spent sitting, inadequate sleep coupled with a diet easily labelled to be junk, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a good chunk of general and/or medical transcription freelancers and entrepreneurs are unhealthy. An increasingly common yet pitiable trend today revolves around spending a half of one’s health in exchange for gaining wealth and then subsequently spending half of one’s wealth in an attempt to gain back some health. Health is an aspect of life that cannot just be bought back and should not be sacrificed. When you observe successful entrepreneurs, you cannot miss the fact that most possess an excellent sense of health and well-being.

Well, here are 15 simple ways to help you get back on track and yet, keep going after your goals.

1. Keep your spine properly positioned and body relaxed!

Since most transcriptionists spend a lot of their time sitting, it is imperative to get one’s posture positioned right. Keeping your spine upright makes it easier for your heart to pump well and lungs to breathe deeper. An upright spine will also keep you more alert. When sitting on a chair, make sure to keep your knees at a right angle with your feet perpendicular to the ground.

2. Get in tune with your bio-clock.

Each body clock is different and not everyone needs 7 hours of sleep. Some needs more while others find resting does just well with less. Figure out what works best for you. Get a schedule and stick to it. Sleeping and taking a walk makes it easy for your body to prepare itself for rest. When you fall into a comfortable routine, the experience can truly be a relaxing and rejuvenating one.

3. You are what you eat.

As says an old saying in which we gladly agree, you are what you eat. Each food has an effect on a person’s body and mind. So make sure to get your dose of adequate vitamins. For optimal diet, you may want to consult an experienced Ayurvedic physician who can tailor them specifically to your body type. When shopping for food, choose chemical free products. They are a healthier option and more importantly, friendlier to planet earth too.

4. Practice Mindfulness.

Members of the psychology community agrees that when tackling stress, boosting productivity and maintaining a smile through the daily grinds of life, nothing beats yoga, meditation and mindfulness. It’s been said that the only side-effects you’ll get include fulfillment, contentment and increased well-being. Two sessions of 15-20 minutes a day would suffice. As Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of the Art of Living Foundation puts it “Just like brushing is dental hygiene, meditation is mental hygiene.”

5. Keep Moving.

Obesity, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure have all been linked with extended periods of sitting. Get up every once in a while and move about. Stand up and answer phone calls. Keep a small water bottle and find time to walk and get it refilled. Schedule a break every 15-20 minutes. Give yourself some more extra movement you can think of. Stretch your muscles. If you’d like, you could even get yourself and experience using a standing desk.

6. Make sure to get a date with THE Sunlight.

Having our current daily lifestyle to be mostly happening indoors during the greater part of the day, make sure to get some adequate amount of sunlight kisses to your skin. Start doing it every now and then. Sunlight does not only feels good but certainly is essential for your body in order to produce Vitamin D. Without it, your body is going to have a tough time absorbing nutrients and other essential minerals.

7. Get Physical Exercise in the Morning.

Make exercise one of your priorities. Early hours of the day where on an empty stomach is the best time for exercise. If not available for you, find any suitable time where your stomach won’t be full. Get out for a run. Cycle through the woods or maybe, practice multiple rounds of Suryanamaskars, which is a set of 12 yoga postures, bound to get those lovely endorphins pumping through your veins.

8. Learn to breathe right.

Did you know that if done right, the body can expel nearly 90% of its toxins through breathing? And a recent research in positive psychology has revealed that each emotion is linked to a specific breathing pattern and surprisingly, breathing in specific rhythms allows us to tune the mind. Linked to the fourth point above, breathing techniques like the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, etc help prepare a person for meditation. Prolonged practices have shown to result to changes in brain structure and chemistry that builds a resilience to stress and make happiness a habit.

9. Aim for Regular Body Massages.

Massages have been used since ages where it’s practiced to soothe the homosapien and instill a sense of being grounded to deep relaxation. Oil massages help improve blood circulation, clear toxins at the cellular level and also help one sleep better. You can schedule massages every week or fortnight or you can massage yourself every morning with a little quantity of warm oil before bathing. Google Abhyangha or visit an Ayurvedic Physician to learn more.

10. Drink the right quantity of Water.

Sadly, we often forget to keep our bodies hydrated and it is imperative to do so. Choose water over other carbonated and flavored drinks. Make sure not to drink in excess as that has its own repercussions. Drink till you quench your thirst and maybe a little more. If one and a half glasses satisfies you, then drink two. Try not to limit yourself to a fixed routine. Keep changing the intake of water as the temperature changes, and obviously, it also depends on how much you’ve sweat.

11. Don’t neglect your social life.

Having a feeling of belongingness is essential in today’s world of fragmented societies. Having an active and uplifting social life helps establish a healthy attitude and keep you grounded to your human roots. Science has shown that singing and dancing in a group is one of the best ways to boost moods instantly and make you feel connected. You can even consider volunteering at various NGO’s. Nothing beats the service of lifting your spirits to help you get through the tough times.

12. Get an Accountability Partner.

Are you finding it hard to stick to your healthy routine or finding it even harder to begin one?! Find a trusted friend, partner or family member. Brief them on what you want to achieve and keep them updated on all your activities like workouts, yoga, meditation, exercise etc. Be true to them and you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals.

13. Limit your Social Media Activity.

We are all guilty of promising ourselves to only have a quick glance at our Facebook news feed only to end up that the “quick glance” often exceed half an hour. Beware that algorithms used in social media are designed to grab your attention and increase the time you spend on the website. Limit your social media activity to only times when tired and haven’t got anything better to do. You really aren’t going to miss out on life if you don’t watch a cute monkey playing drums. Excess usage of social media has been linked to depression.

14. Let Weekends truly be Weekends.

As much as you are tempted to work on weekends, try not to. Keep yourself free to catch up with friends and family. Spend some quality time with your significant others. Engage in some hobbies like gardening, cooking, or just go for a drive with your favorite music in the background. Whenever possible, sneak in a mini-vacation, maybe to a meditation retreat or a summer house and you’ll find yourself all geared up for the week ahead.

15. Outsource work whenever possible.

It is fairly easy to fall into the trap of wanting to do everything by yourself and this is often the cause for the crazy working hours and exhaustion. Outsource simple office tasks and social media marketing as this will free up precious time. Hiring interns is a win-win situation as it works out cheaper for you and also serves as a big boost in career for them. For example, if you need medical transcription work, look for a freelance medical transcritionist to do most of the transcribing.

Just be aware that you may get carried away by your passions and in the process end up neglecting your health. A situation you don’t want to be in as it will haunt you in the future. Develop a sense of balance and give your health at least the same priority, if not more, as your transcription endeavor. This way, you’ll find yourself in a better position to enjoy that hard earned success.

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