Other sites actually require a monthly fee so one can access their coveted tools and resources, but look, you can now have it for free!

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Below are the best of the best stuffs that can help you maximize your very own created self-made transcription work. In order for you to push your creation’s momentum into new heights, we’ve carefully selected the most utilized products by internet gameplan experts. We highly recommend you bookmark this page so you can reference to it as easy as possible.

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A word processor by Microsoft. This is a computer software that you can use for your transcripts.

A transcription software that can be very useful for your transcription work. It includes pause and play capabilities as well as speed controls in order to make work easier. If you prefer transcribing with a pedal, this software can be configured for it.


The #1 domain name registrar. This is where you’ll get the domain name (the website name) for your very own website and get it ready to use.

This is a great hosting provider that offers unlimited database, unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth to its package. According to published reviews, their customer service is very reliable.

Another hosting provider that has been one of the most recommended by many of its customers. Their friendly control panel comes with a 1-click WordPress installation. For the new individuals getting involved in the field of website creation, especially to those who has limited knowledge on the technical side, this can be your best choice. A single hosting account in this company is allowed to handle more than a single domain name.

In addition to those with limited technical knowledge, WP-Curve (by Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris) offers a service of helping individual with WordPress related problems. If you want it fast, this is the solution you’re looking for.


Almost every website you visit today is powered by WordPress. This is the leading customizable blog publishing platform and its available for free.

They offer an affordable collection of premium themes especially for those into electronic commerce.


A service that you can rely on when looking for automatic duplication and submission of site content to several websites in order to generate backlink traffic. This can be helpful when trying to expand the presence of your website to several other sites. A type of PR backlinking service.


If you like to make your site attractive with images then this item is something to take a look. It is a free resource for quality images that you can use for your site to achieve a desired look. However, take time to read the terms and conditions, including each photo resource.


This is the most powerful email marketing tool you should take into account. This software is considered very important by many top internet earners because it has always helped them, not just by hosting their email lists, but also with performing email marketing campaigns which has kept their audience engaged or may have otherwise, got lost forever. Think of this, how can you directly let your current or potential customers know about your anniversary discount? Send a bulk email! Build your email list now and watch sales soar on your anniversary!

This is one of the top recommended software in email marketing which is developed by Glen Allsop that can be really useful in an aggressive campaign towards building a great email list. The faster, the better.


This is the most popular way of making an income online where you’ll get automatically generated ads to display on your website. Important if you want to make extra money out of your site. Free registration is required.

On the other hand, if you would like to make advertisements by leveraging keywords and locations, then this with Google Adwords feature can be your friend.


This probably is the most common website analytics tool.


Take into consideration hackers and viruses before it takes you. One of the most trusted brand in website security is Sucuri. In case of intruder attacks, Sucuri can be highly reliable to their clients. They take such incidents seriously and quickly work on getting an immediate fix.

This free plugin allows you to block failed login attempts probably made by bots trying to get access of your website. Its feature also includes monitoring of user activity on your pages.


One of the most popularly used video marketing software that works on every device, regardless of browser, is Easy Video Suit. Something really important to consider especially if you’re totally serious in getting your message out there. For example, you want to build a commercial type video that details how you carefully work on your client’s transcripts. Or maybe, a video where several client testimonials is shown personally thanking you for your great service! Easy Video Suit will not be your regular video tool. With this software, you can build a really professional and engaging video.

A screen capture software loved by many Mac users.

A free software that allows drawing on your screen.