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We’ve finally found a better solution to easily communicate to everyone of you who’s been asking about how to get started in implementing an innovative approach to achieve a legitimate independent income out of any transcription endeavor, the easier the better. Before we get to it, always remember that transcription should be fun and exciting!

One of the main reasons we’ve made this post is because we got overwhelmed of manually replying to each and every of your inquiries about the said topic. But don’t take us wrong, we cherish teaching you and truly appreciate our conversations. It’s just about time for us to put it in a single place for everyone to use. Good for some of you who have carefully taken our advice and are already generating a stable transcription income these days. We’re very proud of you! Better thank yourself for defying procrastination, a really big obstacle we can’t control. It will always be up to you to take action.

imageFor just a short introduction of myself, my name is Jake. I’m a degree holder in nursing. And, yes a licensed professional. Immediately after taking the nurse licensure examination, medical transcription has caught my attention. I was intrigued with the possibility of working from home. At that time, as I can remember, I was 22 y/o, attending a formal medical transcription training and certification. There were actually just a few of us males, about a ratio of 1:4. Fast forward, after several months of training, I was hired by the same institution to be part of their team where, in about 3 months, got promoted to a position as an editor and allowed to work from home. Sounds like I got my dream job! In about 6 months of working with them, I’ve crossed path with a couple of inspirational transcription ebooks (Transcription Business Crash Course and Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home). This has since been an unforgettable point in time where I realized that I have to make changes in my life, to better my career, and due to the work pressure that’s keeping me cornered just like any other job, I have decided to be an entrepreneur. I started to build a transcription business of my own. After 3 months, I was able to develop the courage to quit my job so I can work full-time on growing the business. Please note, that my ‘business income’ was not making more, in comparison to that of my ‘job income’ the time I quit. I just felt happier to be an entrepreneur and also, I have no family of my own to support at that time. As days went on, I was able to build some few websites that market to specific target locations. My income has eventually grown and continuously been far better than my job income as I hoped for. It may be true that I’m not well experienced as a transcriptionist (less than a year of hands on experience), but I’m very thankful to have made the move. The business now allows me to simply just act as a mediator between clients and transcriptionists for whom I got online. Finally, I did it. That’s how my transcription job works now! It just feels great to see that there’s a lot of opportunity with transcription, if you can just think outside the box. If you agree, be kind enough to share this post to someone who might find it useful. To think about it, if ever I have to go back in time, I think it would be better if I should have started the business when I was on training. I can now clearly see that it doesn’t take years of experience to do it. You just have to do it. :)

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Some of you guys always ask how much money one can actually make running a transcription business. Well, we shouldn’t and wouldn’t want to disclose it publicly but you can make about mid $x,xxx to low $xx,xxx a month. Is it really that possible? Yes, it is.

Honestly, we’re not the best transcription service but look at the facts!

Below we’re going to show you a step-by-step easy-to-follow approach on how to get started creating your own independent transcription job to help you get into those figures, like the others who are now able to make at least some low $x,xxx a month. We will be showing you everything you need to know, from tools to resources and all of the most helpful tips necessary. One of the best things about being an independent contractor or imbued with the desire of looking into freelance transcription jobs instead, is the capability to command your rate. This way you can even create and offer transcribing jobs that will serve as a job opportunity for other people. Great way to help!

Why do we care sharing? The industry is just too big for us to keep on our own and we have actually found passion in teaching others become successful in transcription. A thought of starting an online transcription course in the future is very promising. So sharing what we know for free is probably a good start for us!


Before we get started, let’s first give transcription jobs a substantial definition. This will allow us to have a clear thought and understanding of what transcriber jobs really mean. How you define the term may not be exactly the same as we do. But, here you go:

It is an income generating opportunity where a transcriber called a transcriptionist gets paid by making a written transcript or printed representation of something.

So there you have it. As simple as it should. However, the irony is, as simple as it is defined as hard it is for most people to get the hold of such opportunity, whether it just be online transcription jobs. Here’s what we always say to the people we’ve been encouraging: Don’t wait for a transcription job opening. Create your own. Don’t waste your time applying to companies. Especially to think that entry level transcription jobs can sometimes pay you so low, less than what you should normally be paid for. Most of the rewards will just be taken by the company and all the little things that’s left will be yours. Securing transcription jobs online is cool but not super cool. Take the narrow path of working hard today building one and reap the benefits later.


Transcription Jobs


One must be aware of what’s realistic and what’s not so one can set achievable expectations.

1. Making money with transcription is NOT easy and it requires hard work

Every income generating opportunity does not come easy. Making money with transcription does not come easy. If someone tells you otherwise, then they’re merely giving you good-to-be-true false hopes. The truth is, it’s hard. You better even have to invest on education. But for sure, it pays to learn. Spend some time to improve your knowledge about the entire process, audio transcription jobs for example. Find out how does online medical transcription jobs work too. You can duplicate and/or make improvements on it. Build a working system. It will be something you can be proud of.

It may be a lot of work but once you’ve achieved a working system, things will get a lot better. The rewards are worth it, tenfold.

2. Making money with transcription is NOT an overnight success opportunity

Getting rich doesn’t really happen overnight unless you won the lottery, sweepstakes or got one lucky bet in the casinos. Transcription money is no different. Most successful people in the transcription industry took them over 6 months of marketing and work before making enough dollars to support their families. The cool thing however is that, the dollars has the capacity to keep on growing! But here’s a helpful tip, things can get quicker if you’ll start sooner as possible and commit to your goals anyway you can.

3. Making money with transcription is NOT unachievable

Most people, even your family members and relatives will think you’ll never be successful in this endeavor. If you think so, you’re right. If you think otherwise, you’re right. It will always be up to you. The few people who have always believed it’s possible are now enjoying a dream come true and hope others like you should experience it too. Who wouldn’t want a lifestyle where you can get to stay at home with your family, working as you please and making work decisions of your own?

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