The Best Transcription Foot Pedal

The Best Transcription Foot Pedal

Transcription jobs often require typing work with the use of a computer, the information heard from recorded voice audio files. Although transcription can be done by anyone with the use of playback programs such as VLC and Windows Media Player, most people are unable to type as fast as someone talks. That is why transcriptionists find foot pedal to be an invaluable tool.

A foot pedal makes transcription jobs quite easy for it enables the user to handle dictation more efficiently by simply tapping the pedal on either side to fast forward or reverse it, and lifting a foot off the pedal to pause.

However, there are several factors to consider when looking for the best digital foot pedal for transcription. Currently, there are many computer configurations and so many foot pedal choices such that it can be challenging to know the best for your use.

Information on the types of pedals can help interested individuals know the best type for their particular situation.

Transcription Foot Pedal

1. USB or Plug and Play Foot Pedals

USB or Plug and Play foot pedals are currently the most used and probably the most prevalent in the market. They are available in a lot of different styles and brand names, and can be found in any transcription equipment website.

The equipment usually needs to work along with a software that should be installed on a computer to make use of the pedal. Most of the ones present in the market today are plug and play.

Purchasing the pedal online and making use of the product is easy. All the user has to do is order for one and plug it into an empty USB port of a computer. The computer will then recognize it as a new hardware, install it and it will be ready to use.

2. Serial Pin Foot Pedals

This type of pedals were more popular in the past though they still exist today. They are used on computers that have a few USB ports; or computers using transcription software that requires a serial pin (normally a 15-pin or a 9-pin).

3. Proprietary pedals

Unlike the two types mentioned above, proprietary pedals are those that are used for particular types of work. The foot pedals may need to be ordered from specific manufacturers. In some cases, a phone line is connected to the foot pedal.

The phone line is connected to an adapter that is plugged into one USB port of the computer. Even though this sounds crazy, the equipment allows a user to connect to the internet and through an interface.

For example, some hospitals have a mainframe dictation system that can only be of use by connecting a particular proprietary foot pedal.

Choosing the best digital transcription foot pedal

Now, having a background about transcription foot pedal, it is evident that there are several choices available. There are actually a plethora of models to choose from, and the price range can be pretty big.

Of course, you can use other sources, like Craigslist, eBay or Amazon, to find better deals. Keep in mind that a good range would be anything from $50 to $150 depending on the brand you are buying.

Some manufacturers tend to ‘bundle’ their products with other transcription equipment such as headphones, transcription software and other items. The prices will vary from one manufacturer to another. All in all, the best digital foot pedal should be determined by its capability, type of needed computer configuration and price. You can buy a very good transcription foot pedal here.

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I have helped out a friend that wad doing his dissertation on the pedagogy that takes place between an master craftsman and an apprentice. He recorded multiple hours of instruction in the field of violin making. I didn’t have a transcription petal, and it certainly made things much more difficult. It would have been fantastic to control speed, direction, and pausing with my feet instead of a mouse interface. I’ll have to look into foot pedals and their cost if anyone else wants me to do more transcribing.

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