Transcribers – Who’s The Best? 4 Qualities

Transcribers – Who’s The Best? 4 Qualities

If you’re looking for accurate and reliable transcribers, you’ve come to the right place?

Creating usable and effective transcripts, a person must have a complete trait set in order to cope up in the ever growing industry of transcriptions.

Expert Listening

If pilots require keen eye sight, transcribers need more than just that. Each transcriber should have a good paid of ears to be able to catch the important sounds that may escape the naked ear. Voice recordings can be very tricky and it depends on what type of recording you are handling, and speech accents does not make the job any easier. On this industry, a good listener really pays.

Internet Savvy

Be internet savvy and know how to utilize your resources. Sometimes words can be too confusing, but that does not give transcribers an excuse to not key in the right term. There is always a way and Google is always your best friend.

Step 1: Know your account/client and what is he/she talking about

Step 2: Make basic searches on the topic and know a little more about what the client is talking about.

Step 3: Google is your friend, search with the words closest to the non-understandable term

Fast and Accurate Typing

Typing really fast is a skill on its own just make sure it is accurate. In transcriptions, time is always of the essence. You can have your files done in 3 business days, in 1 business day, and in 4 hours! Yes, we can’t avoid rush works for some industries and the transcription service industry must be ready for it.

Technically Equipped Transcribers

It is important to have all the right tools in order to more effectively transcribe audio files to text. A workable headset is very important to make sure that the audio that comes in is as clear and modulated as it should. Another transcription only tool would be the pedal. There are some words that you really can’t understand but if spoken slowly or at a specific moderation would sound more clear and sensible.

All of these, rolled into one, with Resets.Org Transcribers! – Transcribe audio to text service.

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