15 Bullets To Carry To Be a Successful Transcription Entrepreneur

15 Bullets To Carry To Be a Successful Transcription Entrepreneur

Do you feel stagnated with your current life?! Is self-doubt and a lack of confidence standing between you and your goals?! Read on to find out the reasons why success remains a dream for most transcriptionists. Learn what you can change right now so to move from stagnation to growth!

1. Drop the Façade.

Normally, people have the tendency to stop being who they really are and instead hide behind a mask of who they should be in an attempt to avoid the pain of hurt and rejection. Learn to accept your imperfections just as you accept your perfections. Realize that you are unique and it pays to be your true self, for vulnerability sparks creativity as well as creates opportunities.

2. Ain’t no moment like the Present Moment.

Wake up and come to a realization that all that really exists and matters most is the present moment. The past does seem non-existent like a dream and the future has not yet happened and is influenced by your decision now. You may have kept on wondering if the door to success will ever cross path with your one and only lifetime. The fact is, it has always been there. Success begins right NOW. The choices you make today will determine your future. The position you have today is the outcome of your decisions yesterday. So learn to make the right investments in the present moment.

Be good to yourself. Start practicing meditation, self-awareness, and mindfulness. These will come in handy as you go along and pursue your general and/or medical transcription goals.

3. Get out of the Shiny Object Syndrome.

The grass always seems greener on the other side of change. There is no better recipe to success than dedicated focus, passionate commitment and good old hard work. Embrace change. Resist the temptation of jumping between ideas and taking shortcuts to success. Instead, analyze the ideas and activities so to carefully spot those that’s in line with your goals and act on them.

4. Drop the Need for Another’s Approval.

Forget about success if you are only looking for someone else to give you a thumbs up to whatever all the good things you do. Recognize this as a play of the ego seeking recognition. Don’t let the fear of being judged and criticized take over you. Listen to everybody’s opinion. Understand that you cannot please everyone. Move on with your decision, as you keep your good intentions.

5. A No may not be a No.

More often than not, a “no” doesn’t necessarily mean a “no”, it generally means “not right now” or “not this way”. Don’t take rejection as the final answer. Look at is a positive feedback that you can use to steer your journey to success.

6. Life is Life.

Drop the imaginary distinction between private life and work life. Recognize everything as equally important aspects of your life. True success encompasses all aspects. Play all your roles in life with the same passion, perseverance and enthusiasm, be it to a friend, an entrepreneur, or a lover. And you’ll soon find yourself opening to a new dimension of life.

7. Need help?! Just Ask!

A common misconception lingering in the society today is that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Be bold. Admit that you do not know everything and simply ask for help when you need it. Asking for help shows strength, honesty, and intelligence. It is a sign that you can rise above the chains of ego of wanting to achieve everything single-handedly. When you do take help to yourself, you’ll find that most people are more than happy to support you.

8. Drop your defenses.

Many fall into the trap of trying to fix their own weaknesses. You should rather focus and capitalize on your strengths and over time you will find your weaknesses diminishing. Fixing weaknesses is just another common strategy many practice to play things safe. Don’t try to defend your mistakes. Fully accept them and move on. When you are totally defenseless, that’s when you’ll be strong.

We all have busy lives. And we have limited time and resources. It’s obviously important that you spend most of your time at work and towards your basic needs, but you can never go wrong to start investing on yourself. Doing so can further boost your growth and success. Learn as much as you can. The more you know, the more you are capable to generate results. It may seem obvious, but in actuality, you’re not making an effort to trade some of your time, energy, and money to get your transcription endeavor exponentially better. Nobody will invest on yourself but you. If you agree, then better start now. The best option to start making changes in your life today is to start making investments on something that can improve your knowledge and skills. It will certainly give you a better result-oriented start than what you’ll normally have. Have a copy of highly recommended materials like General Transcription Business and Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home

9. Perfection is a Concept.

Not a single action can be made a 100% flawless. Aiming for perfection for the sake of approvals can be hurtful in the long run. Choose progress over perfection and learn to recognize the subtle difference between giving your best and trying to be perfect.

10. Take Risks.

As someone once said, if you’ve never had something then do something that you’ve never done. The earlier you learn to deal with failure and more importantly the fear of failure, the quicker you can succeed. Instead, get out of your comfort zone and try new ideas. Learn. Be prepared to fail.

11. When Willpower gives up.

When certain actions become habits they require less thought, decision making, and energy. Create routines that automates the need for taking the right action. When you are habituated with a certain lifestyle, then the presence or absence of willpower will NOT bother you. The right habits about work, health, fitness and relationships, overtime, should turn instinctive. These may feel painful in the beginning but is guaranteed to bring positive difference in the long run.

12. Say YES to What Is.

The present moment is a culmination of all that has happened till now. Fighting it, blaming, complaining, or getting upset is a futile exercise in dissipating your precious energy. Develop an attitude of accepting the present moment as if you chose it and always work with it rather than against it. Remember, this isn’t a passive acceptance. Accepting the present moment calms your mind and acting from that state of mind will bring the best results.

13. Be clear of your Intentions.

Have your genuine intention improve and grow. This will get you out of the reluctance to stick to proven methods and advices. Being genuine will save you from falling into the hollow trap of acting clever, trying to enhance your self-image, or merely a full-time seeker of approvals.

14. Drop total reliance on luck.

An ancient Sanskrit couplet states “Fortune favors the brave AND the hardworking”. Luck is important for success but so are many other factors. Be prepared for situations of being placed at the right place and at the right time to know how to make the best use for each opportunity. Don’t rely on luck alone. Your open mindedness and optimism will carry you along the way.

15. Success is How You Define it to Be.

Don’t blindly follow the success bandwagon. Realize that success is a personal journey for each human being. List out what matters the most to you and work towards it, irrespective of whether others concur or not. That’s how you can create your own definition of success, your way.

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