The 4 Strategies So Clients Will Grow Your Transcription Business

The 4 Strategies So Clients Will Grow Your Transcription Business

Whenever a transcription business is formed, the sole objective of the founder is to bring it to heights of success by any possible means. This road to success can be achieved mainly alongside the skills or qualities instilled in the business as you grow your portfolio at large. Transcription providers are now expanding their reach as the current trend rolls around the digital arena in order to boost up customer relations in the long run. Below, let’s have a look at what it takes to make a transcription service provider rise towards grandeur.

Well if you go out for a single handed strategy used by someone in another type of business or towards finding the secret ingredient for the success that everyone all crave for in any business, let’s assure that this will not be always the case in order achieve optimal transcription success. It totally depends on the scenario or the condition that you are involved in. Several different factors have to be taken into consideration to continually win the path to success. To start with, you should make sure that you take consideration of the following points as you run your transcription business or even at an early stage of simply starting a transcription business plan.

It is a child’s play to understand that business success is measured by the number of customers that approach you in context to your portfolio. However it is not a child’s play to attract a large number of customers, so this area is where you can work more on in order to get your business on the right track.

1. Get Written Testimonials and Feedback

Recommendations or feedback is one key element to successful transcription deal and above that, growth to a truly sustainable business. Hence a simple feedback form should be available to every current and potential customers to get their contact details (just in case you need to contact them now or in the near future) and this is where they can give written testimonials, feedback, or concerns. Customers shall then be comfortable to write in order to suggest improvements and register for any complaints regarding any misconduct from the service personnel or any fault in the delivered product or service.

Apart from taking real time testimonials from customers, directly using your transcription website, the social media platform could also prove to be a great idea for gathering out testimonials. However it should be planned in a way that it encourages people to talk about you as you build your designated social media efforts in a way that it improves discussion requiring only minimal supervision. The effectiveness here depends mainly on how quickly these responses make room on the main discussion table.

It may also be through an email business ID that a concerned customer will be able to approach you on any dire issue. This platform can be used as a double tire approach where you can use to market any of your products or any new promotions as you aim to attract more customers in return.

These testimonials could then be placed for any of your products or services which can serve as a display of trustworthiness, credibility, acknowledgement and further encouragement which can lead to more potential customers.

Influencing participation in this effort of considering customer thoughts and opinions about your transcription products or services can improve and fuel customer loyalty.

Some motivational texts could also be used to boost the morale of your office workforce as well as to increase their self-esteem and encouragement to work with enhanced zest and zeal based on the good things the customers have mentioned on their testimonials. In fact, claiming that a particular service is remarkably great seems more meaningful when such service claims came from actual customers rather from the service provider itself.

The last thing here is that customers must be placed in an atmosphere of strong faith that their message can reach top management and rather not in the trash bin, wasted. This can influence the decision on how far should they trust you and your business.

2. The Trend of Social Sharing

As mentioned earlier, the social media platform could prove to be an effective means of communication for your customers whenever they wanted to reach you and have their say clearly accessible as possible. Let us now look into it at a much deeper angle. After every customer inquiry, you must ensure that a following action is available where any of the service person can interact with them about it through probably the social media platforms you’re using. They should be guided on how to keep in touch and updated of any information that they might find useful, easily.

Take note that good or bad customer experience can easily be tweeted or posted on Facebook pages and these can make or break you. A friendly environment could be created to make them aware of clear options on where and how to submit any complaints for it to be handled as appropriate. Urgent concerns should also be given importance meriting your worthy feedback in a way that it can be felt by your customers so they will feel cared for and cheered to bring more of their business to you.

Another exciting way of making current customers be a source of growth for your transcription business is to make them carriers of your marketing effort. Make them a bridge to potential customers by having your offers printed on folders, notepads, pens or any of the products available that you can use as giveaways. Who knows how excited will your customers talk about the freebies received with their friends and on their social media accounts. If they tweet about you, take a minute to tweet back. If they leave a comment on Facebook, take the time to comment back.

3. Mailing List Sign Up

Apart from the social media platform, email updates could be used to get in touch with your subscribers. Sending an email to your subscribers nowadays serves as an effective means of marketing your product and informing them of any recent promotions available. This method, in fact, requires the least effort, for the whole email updates can be delivered to an entire list of people in a jiffy. You just need to regularly work on your mailing list so that it gets bigger and bigger. A single transcription email update can be accessed anywhere and anytime by your customers whether they’re in their homes or offices using their laptops or cell phones at no time.

Another emailing approach that you could use is to categorize your mailing lists according to the type of customers. For example, all the doctors should be kept in a separate mailing list just to be sure to inform them of only medical related promotional offers or medical news updates. On the other hand, the journalists will be handled separately so things get smooth in cases of informing them of any product line ups that would match their demands and needs. This could prove to be another effective approach for customer communication.

4. QR Codes

In today’s modern times, QR codes are catching a lot of attention when talking about bringing about brief and concise description of any product. Inclusion of QR codes on any of the transcription products or service offers could enable the customer to be able to have the option to scan it through their own cell phones so they can access the brief information of the respective product instantly in their phones. This could be a fun and interactive approach to follow. Some QR codes could offer a 10% discount if the customer’s cell phone scans it for the first time. Customer would be really encouraged thus to move on and try the new technology. Kaywa QR code could be used to build respective QR codes almost without any hassle for your marketing product.

These are the best few strategies you could use to boost your business towards the ultimate path of success by leveraging your customers. Hope that you have decided by now which to implement in your current transcription endeavor or include in your transcription business plan!

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