10 MTStars Essentials

10 MTStars Essentials

MTStars.com is one of the most visited site worldwide, especially for medical transcriptionists. Below are ten essential facts about the site and the things it deals with.

MTStars Essentials

1. Authenticity

MTStars.com was originally launched on 8th December 2001. Its chief aim is to offer helpful information on Medical Transcription. The site also provides medical information to all those who are holding other medical-related positions in the medical industry.

2. Sponsors

Without the exclusive support and help from CanScribe Career College, MTStars would not be in existence. This Career College has never ceased to lend a helping hand to MTStars and it does this by offering online medical transcription courses throughout North America. For this reason, MTStars appreciates the CanScribe Career College for its involvement in making the site a success.

3. Vision/Mission

MTStars.com has a driving force that has kept it going for many years. This is the strong belief that: an open forum with a little of deletion is vital to successful networking worldwide. With this belief, MTStars has always been confident in offering its services and this is the chief reason why the site has always been successful up to date.

4. Popularity

Over the past years, MTStars has been receiving plenty of positive reviews and testimonials. It has also received very high ratings. Currently, the site has more than 30,000 members and research found that the site receives approximately 3 million monthly visits. In connection to the afore-mentioned data, the site has an archive of more than 1 million messages related to medical transcription.

5. Reliability

The friendly team of MTStars.com staffs works effortlessly to ensure that the site is always updated. New features are always in-cooperated and this has in turn enhanced the site’s chief functions. Clients are therefore assured of security and sufficient scalability. This in turn makes the site very reliable.

6. Advantages of MTStars

One chief advantage of MTStars site is that it has immense advantages. These include:

a. Subscription is not only easy but is also very cheap and very fast.

b. The well trained and experienced staff understands the meaning of offering rich, classic and quality work. They are also friendly to their clients.

c. Their affordable services are offered throughout North America

7. Services Offered

MTStars offers a wide range of medical information to its members, subscribers and people in the medical transcription industry. The information is majorly in form of newsletter and discussion forums.

8. Discussion Forums

The forums are divided into different categories depending on the subject matter of discussion. The discussion forums include; the Main Board, the Company Board, the Word Help Board and the classifieds. The forums discuss a wide variety of issues with regard to medical transcriptions worldwide.

9. Subscriptions

To subscribe to MTSars.com, simply send a blank email to MTStars-Subscribe@YahooGroups.com. After subscribing, you will be receiving either daily or weekly Newsletters. This will depend on your order. To unsubscribe from the site, send a blank email to MTStars-Unsubscribe@YahooGroups.com

10. Job Opportunities

Currently, MTStars offers job opportunities to: anyone who has 5 years of experience in Acute Care Hospital and has a background in transcription. The candidate should as well have excellent grammar and an experience with the ESL dictators. Application is easy and can be done online.

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