Moreso VS More so : 5 TIPS

Moreso VS More so : 5 TIPS

Moreso and More so are common terms that are used to mean the same thing. It’s been also a common concern among transcriptionists.The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition is “Of the same kind to a greater degree” and gives the example “The waiter found me delightful and my little sister even more so.”

When more so is used with no antecedent, for example, “She didn’t dislike pasta. More so she was tired of eating it so often.” In this case, ‘more so’ does not refer to any adjectives or adverbs, rather it is being used more as an adverbial phrase similar to the word rather.

Moreso has come about more recently, and it being more widely accepted than it has been previously.

Since both uses are accepted, here are five tips for deciding when to use them.

Moreso vs. more so

1. When writing a paper for school or work, make sure your professor or boss accepts the use of moreso. The word has gained more acceptance recently, but it is still not accepted in every circle. The use of more so is not questioned, so when in doubt, use more so.

2. More so and moreso are used to refer to something that has already been said in the sentence. For example, “Michaela is entertaining but Jon is more so (moreso).” More so refers back to the adjective “entertaining”, and implies that Jon is entertaining to a greater degree than Michaela.

3. The only dictionary in which moreso is listed is the Oxford English Dictionary, and it is called a “chiefly US” term. So in the US it is much more widely used and accepted than anywhere else. In the above example from the dictionary, it could be written “The waiter found me delightful and my little sister even moreso.”

4. When using either moreso or more so, it is best practice to make sure the word more would not better fit the sentence. For example “Fred wants chocolate moreso than Tom does.” It would be better to say “Fred wants chocolate more than Tom does”, because the word so does not refer to anything already stated in the sentence.

5. One reason moreso is not widely accepted is because the words more and so function separately in the sentence. So refers back to the adjective or adverb in the sentence, while more is not as crucial to the sentence and could be replaced by the words equally or less. For example “S’mores are delicious, brownies are more so.” This could be rewritten “S’mores are delicious, brownies are less so.” ‘So’ still refers to delicious, but the words ‘more’ and ‘less’ change the meaning of the sentence.

As a recap, just remember that the word moreso is not accepted everywhere. It is mainly a shortened US version of more so. Many people discourage the use of moreso because the words ‘more’ and ‘so’ serve two different functions. It is important to make sure the word ‘more’ would not better suit the sentence you are writing. And, finally, when writing a formal paper, make sure your professor accepts the use of the term moreso before using it. This could keep you from receiving a lower acceptance on your paper. Happy writing!


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