6 Mobile Application Options for your Transcription Business

6 Mobile Application Options for your Transcription Business

Have you ever considered or even thought of developing a mobile app for your general and/or medical transcription business? The trends of using and developing apps is increasing day by day. Transcription service providers can get quite a boost with mobile apps, even when having it designed with simple functionality. The purpose of advertising can also be well achieved with the use of an app, targeting particular products or services. This in turn will help create considerable awareness amongst mobile users about your transcription offers.

The world of mobile applications is an easy and fun opportunity to explore the transcription arena where you can create, customize and manage several mobile apps pretty easily. There may be operating system compatibility issues that comes into hindrance to this ease but the rest can be simply child’s play. The most notables are the two OS, namely Android and iOS.

Approach for the basic groundwork

To begin with let us start by having a good and vivid understanding of the basic concepts of mobile app development. All the available options in this regard must be well understood to bring up the most effective approach for your transcription business. All the possible features that could possibly be included in order to attract maximum transcription customers must be brought into account. The level of flexibility for the customers has to be pre decided as well as to what options would be left open and to what extent the customers can customize their choice of a certain service to fit their preferences. What locations will it be made accessible, if any, and how often shall the app be updated to a newer version or to another software package upgrade?

The complexity level must also be decided before hand as to how simple the app would be, depending on the complexity of the transcription business it is involved with. After these parameters have been decided, the manpower or the technical skills required to developing the app must be decided which may deliver the best desired results in least time. Besides hiring professional mobile app developers, there are special tools that are available in the market.

1. Appmakr.Com

AppMakr is an effective platform where iOS, Android and HTML5 compatible apps can be designed. Like the other options, no prerequisite coding knowledge is required. Noticeable features available include photo galleries, live updates, music and video streaming, integration with Google Maps, and real time shopping. The plans for this mobile app making tool are available for free, and to a $99 one-time self-publishing fee.

2. AppyPie.Com

AppyPie is one of such platforms available where you’ll have the ability to create an app with no prior coding skills. The app is created on HTML5 hybrid platform and the design is quite compatible with Windows phones, iPhones and Android OS. Features can be added with the help of its user friendly interface which ultimately bring you an effective app that is easily customizable according to needs. Some notable features are available with a considerable fee of $12/month.

3. Biznessapps.Com

When it comes to small transcription businesses, BiznessApps is one of the best solution. Templates are available based on the type of business mobile app that you would like to have developed. The apps created with this tool are compatible with iPhones, Android and Windows Phones OS. With BiznessApps, no coding skills as well is required. Features include stuffs like ordering, mobile reservation, real time reservations, business information menus, mailing list. It also have integration capabilities with Facebook, Twitter and Open table. The usage plans for this app builder is available at $59/month along with a money back guarantee for the first 30 days.

4. GoodBarber.Com

GoodBarber is another of the tools which helps when designing apps that’s compatible with both iPhone and Android OS. There are already some pre-defined templates available that you can use. These are created by experienced users and are easily customizable. It can be a helpful option you could use to achieve the desired app for your respective transcription business. The customization process is aided with the help of its built-in 600 fonts and 350 icon options. It also has the extra feature where you can integrate it with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, RSS, etc… GoodBarber comes with a free 30-day trial period which can be extended with a fee of $16/month.

5. Mobile.Conduit.Com

Another app building tool available is Mobile, a product of Conduit. This tool has some great extra features like integration with OpenTable, TopTable, UrbanSpoon, GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24Hours, etc.. RSS is also one of its major piece that you can use when designing your transcription mobile application. The fee starts at a rate of $33/month.

6. Shoutem.Com

ShoutEm has quite an interesting integration capability with platforms like WordPress, Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter. The extra features you can find in ShoutEm includes content management and monetization options. These options allow the creation of such revenue streams within the app itself. And also, it comes with e-commerce capability where you can have the added advantage of creating a real time mobile shopping experience. Apps created are compatible with iPhone, Android and HTM5 OS. ShoutEm is available at $49/month.

Begin the journey of being recognized officially

By this time, you may have already decided which among the options the final tool you’re going to use. And yes, building a mobile app can make your transcription business more effective and flourish to new heights it had never reached before. When running a transcription service mobile application, it’s important to keep it updated with new information to keep your users in touch. Any promotions or changes in your transcription business and offers must be made clear in the app, to continually gain great customer loyalty for your services. All possible contact details must be included so that new customers won’t find it difficult to approach you. You must be ready for any results of this new endeavor as you may unexpectedly gain increased leads beyond your objectives in the times to come. Lastly, feedback forms must be included as this is an essential part for your transcription business that can help confirm your reliability and effectiveness.

The benefits of mobile app development is simply beyond imagination. It will certainly be helpful as you go along with your own medical transcriptionist money goals. This is surely an easy approach to exploit the potential that one can achieve, especially when providing customer’s needs. You cannot achieve changes until you try to make changes. Above all, customers would like to have a user friendly simple app at their reach.

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