10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

1. leverage the internet

The most common approach recommended by these medical transcriptionists is to make sure to establish your own website. We actually have a page dedicated on the step-by-step process to getting started.

A website can be your portal to many opportunities, so seize it. It’s very important in your medical transcription career journey to take the challenge of starting your own website. This can help build your very own brand and it allows teaming up with other people as well as incorporate more income strategies to conceive additional profitable income streams.

The post may generally be all about ‘more money’, don’t lose sight on the importance of sticking to the main reason of doing the service. It’s to solve problems and not merely the fact of making dollars, and lot of dollars only. In order to RECEIVE, GIVE. It’s a very important thing. A website is not only for income growth but also to make things easier and convenient for your potential and current clients when using your services.

How can it help you make more money?

Independent contractors have the privilege to make more money than employees. The difference can be huge. A website can be your way to talk your services directly to consumers and get direct workload. To make more, you need to get rid of the third party mediator who takes huge cuts of the pie. Get every piece of it. Be the person who makes the decision on how every piece of the pie gets distributed.

In addition, having a website can make things convenient for you as a medical transcriptionist. It helps you make it easier for people to have an instant information of who you are, what you do and what terms do you require.

Here’s another thing. Believe it or not, a website can also be a good retirement fund strategy. A website can be sold for thousands of dollars or even more. In comparison to your actual transcription skills in itself, you can’t possibly sell and transfer your skill to someone. Once you get old, your skills will go worthlessly unprofitable unless you’ve created a medium out of it that you can sell.

Websites usually sell for about 20 months revenue which can be a really good product out of your transcription skills. For example, if the website helps you generate about $5000 a month, expect at least $100,000 as a selling price. A higher monthly revenue? It can make you very wealthy!

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