10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

9. Sponsored Reviews and Cross-Partnerships

There’s a small chance you haven’t experienced asking anyone’s opinion before deciding to buy a product or use a service. This presents an income stream opportunity by connecting your clients to products and services they may be interested upon by conducting reviews.

It will be a win-win situation for yourself and to your clients because it helps people learn more about how a product or service can be useful for what they do. It’s a great way to match people to what they need or want without actually creating such product or services yourself.

For example, as a medical transcriptionist, you haven’t thought of and never planned to offer medical coding and billing services. Find out those who do and contact them. Let them know what you do and how you can help promote their services to your carefully built audience, which can be the target-market they’re looking for.

Tell them that you make detailed reviews of companies with the type of services they offer for a fee. Make sure to inform them that the review stays on your website for years according to an agreement.

In addition to making money out of reviews, it earns you visitors to your website. People who may be looking for information or review about the company can possibly get to visit your website.

If in any case the company is not interested to make payment for a review, then offer cross-partnership reviews where you make a review of their company in exchange for a review of yours.

How can it help you make more money?

Only two of the medical transcriptionists who were asked are practicing this strategy. Accordingly, they charge about $300-$400 per review, which they think is low considering that each review they make stays on their website like forever.

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