10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

10 Medical Transcriptionist Business Tips

It’s been discussed several times that the demand for medical transcription services has shown a decrease in growth. Now would be the best time to identify ways to strengthen the foundation of your transcription career in order to maintain substantial income. Whether you’re new or a veteran in the industry, multiple sources of transcription income is something to consider.

After asking 24 medical transcriptionists on money making strategies that have proven to be effective, it’s quite funny to learn that each has developed a creative strategy of their own. We were surprised to learn that several approaches can be possible if you really want to make more out of your medical transcription career.

We had fun during the process and ended up calling it the “Medical Transcriptionist Income Ingredients“. Each has their own combination of ingredients but we’ve merged them into what you’re about to read. Carefully cooked, served, and ready to eat!

What is a Medical Transcriptionist

Get ready to learn how to maximize income out of a medical transcription career. And what should you be doing?

A medical transcriptionist (also known as medical transcriber) makes money by transcribing audio files from medical professionals to written transcripts. Accordingly, full-time medical transcriptionists earn about an average of $34,000 a year.

The transcription career allows you to either work from home or as a staff in an office. Medical transcription is a great opportunity for individuals with medical background like nurses, physicians, etc. Note however that a medical educational background or experience is not mandatory.

To skip the long talk, the best thing about becoming a medical transcriptionist is you can either choose to pursue the profession as an independent contractor (check out #6 below) where you don’t trade time for money, or freelance transcriptionist where you can freely command your rates. Today, a lot of freelance medical transcriptionists are from India and the Philippines. Many from English-speaking countries prefer to be an independent contractor where they hire freelancers to work for them. It will be a mutually beneficial situation for both to be happy!

Generally, payments are usually based either on an hourly rate or per the number of line counts completed. As a medical transcriptionist employee, one’s paycheck is usually influenced by the years of experience and trainings completed. In this kind of work, it normally patterns a system wherein the more work load completed, the more money is received. It’s more of a performance-based job.

To put it simply, the ‘work’ in itself plays the chief role on how much you earn. If you’re getting what we’d like you to see here, there’s a ceiling that says ‘done and here’s your money‘. Everyone has 24 hours a day, and 24 hours only. The purpose of this article is to help you go beyond that ceiling and get much more with LESS work.

Stop being an average medical transcriptionist making an average paycheck. Once you believe to deserve more, you do.

On this site, we do our best to help bring your transcription career to a new level by becoming your own employer.

A Laptop Computer
• An Internet Connection
• A Word Processing Software
A Transcription Software
A Digital Foot Pedal
A Headset
• A Workflow Software
• A Set of Research Tool Software
• A File Transfer Tool
• A Number of Reference Books Relevant to Field
A Pair of Wrist Support Gloves

Looking into the industry now, you’ll find several medical transcriptionists who keeps on complaining about their employers and undeniably hating how they’re not getting a raise. Keep in mind that complaining does you nothing, but misery. Instead, take action! Do something about it!

Let’s say you’re making enough medical transcription income now, but what if you can make more than enough? Add some toppings on the cake and beat the average yearly income rate? It’s better to make more to support awesome vacations anyway, right?

Take note, it is important that whenever you’re trying to do something and getting poor results or nothing at all, don’t just give up. The obvious reason why people fail in transcription is not because of their skill, knowledge, approach or experience but because they give up too soon. Actually, you don’t have to perfectly master grammar to be successful. Until now, we ourselves and many other long time transcriptionists still commit grammar mistakes. All you need is to get started. Remember, great things always take time!

We’d like you to imagine ending a day’s transcription work, let’s say the last day of the month, reviewing your income report and noticed an increase in earnings compared to the previous months. Wouldn’t that be something? Income growth may be an objective that seems impossible for you in your transcription career, but is it really is?

Why not consider some innovative medical transcriptionist money workarounds?

Let us begin looking into the following medical transcriptionist income ingredients:

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