Medical Transcriptionist Jobs in 7 Phrases

Medical Transcriptionist Jobs in 7 Phrases

Today we’re going to take a look at nice-to-know things about medical transcriptionist jobs.

Medical transcriptionist jobs are certainly and interestingly becoming popular. This can be an income generator for you especially if you  are interested or want to be part of the healthcare profession but yes, it can be really challenging. There are some different perceptions that comes to mind when talking about medical transcriptionist jobs. Different thoughts from different individuals.

Well, what does medical transcription mean to you? What comes to mind when you hear the word “medical transcriptionist jobs”? What do you think do people do? What work is involved? Medical + transcription, so probably something like typing about medical stuffs? How can one get transcription clients? Below are some medical transcriptionist job notions shortened into some few simple phrases.

1. A profession that doesn’t require huge debts and student loans

Other lucrative professions usually have you undergo extensive training or degrees that lead into much, much, deep debt. In medical transcription, you can get into the medical industry without investing thousands of schooling dollars. Medical transcription training is way more affordable compared to other medical or healthcare profession training.

Moreover, looking into medical transcriptionist jobs, one can easily expand into other areas of transcription in order to generate additional income. A medical transcriptionist can consider venturing into general transcription. Or maybe build a business out of his transcription experience from scratch which can be a very profitable income stream.

If you can’t afford to enroll to any formal transcription training, which is actually a really good investment, you can use the best and most helpful home study materials like Transcription Crash Course and Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home.

2. Medical Transcription is a special skill not anyone can do. And it is not easy.

This is not an easy way to prosperity with no hard work attached. Many may have thought that sitting in front of a computer, listening to an audio file, and typing will be such an easy work to make a lot of cash. Don’t get disappointed but it can be really challenging just like any other work. But once you’ll get used to it, then it will get pretty better.

If you are interested to become a medical transcriptionist, do you think you are qualified to become one? What do you need to know? Here are some crucial factors or requirements to becoming a medical transcriptionist. Certainly, an individual can make a lot of money with transcription while working at home, but note that in everything you do, just like in any other endeavor, one should be prepared to invest enough time and effort to be successful.

3. The average annual salary of full-time medical transcriptionist is $34,000

Compensation methods may vary but many medical transcriptionist enjoy an excellent pay even when starting out. Others are even reaping awesome transcriptionist lifestyle rewards that remains a dream for many.

When it comes to medical transcriptionist salary, statistics show that the annual average is certainly $34,000 according to Gaining more experience and dexterity can get you a salary increase. To note, there are others who actually and secretly make more medical transcriptionist monies than this amount.

Please note that transcription may be lucrative but it’s not a get rich overnight opportunity.

4. One don’t have to get a certification or license to become a medical transcriptionist

Having no formal training reduces your chances of getting into medical transcription jobs or clients. However, certification or license is not needed to become one. But of course, to better your chances, you should at least have knowledge or background on how medical transcription works.  As mentioned above, you should check out the home study materials.

Nonetheless, it’s true that having medical transcription training can make you more competent and skilled. And also, you can learn a lot of information from these programs especially when it comes to medical terminologies and helpful resources, as well as transcription strategies and post-training support. If in any case you’ve decided to join a transcription school or program, looking into these articles about the keypoints before choosing a transcription course. It will be very helpful.

5. Medical Transcriptionist Jobs can be a work from home opportunity

It’s been noted that almost 70% of all medical transcriptionist are working in hospitals and doctor’s offices where the remaining is having it as a work-from-home profession. It has now become popular to work within the bounds and convenience of one’s home and stay close to one’s family, same to the transcription industry. In addition, as a medical transcriptionist you can set your own hours into times you think is the most convenient for you.

Now that there’s been a growing population of home-based transcriptionists, both medical and general transcriptionists, it just indicates that people are making enough money at the comfort of their own home. Some are freelancers, some are people who already leveled into a rewarding business, some are travelling digital transcriptionists, and some are working as home-based employees. It’s nice to learn that many got a transcription website of their own in order to showcase their services!

6. Both men and women do medical transcription

Some may think that medical transcription is a female’s work, but both genders can become successful in medical transcription. Men are actually interested in work-at-home opportunities too, and that includes medical transcription.

When you’ve considered joining a medical transcription course, you’ll find out that a number of males are present. The misconception of medical transcriptionist as a female’s work has been said to be rooted from widespread images of medical transcriptionists being portrayed by females. Anyway, this is not a big deal to put one’s concern upon. Just some nice to know info.

7. Electronic Medical Records and Speech Recognition Technology will not totally eliminate the need for medical transcriptionists

Statements saying otherwise is under the influence of marketing the software. It’s true that these software can be really helpful but it doesn’t necessarily mean it eliminates the need for transcriptionists. Electronic medical records aids healthcare documentation where fill in the blanks, check boxes and dropdown options are being employed to get the work easier but it doesn’t make things working for narrative medical observations, hypothesis, summary and conclusions.

Speech recognition technology on the other hand is being used to reduce transcription costs but quality is poor and inaccurate, making reports unreliable. This necessitates the need for medical transcriptionist to perform editing works. It doesn’t eliminate the demand for medical transcriptionists but even make medical transcriptionist’s work a lot easier.

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