10 Medical Transcription Jobs First Client Aquisition Tips

10 Medical Transcription Jobs First Client Aquisition Tips
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Now that you’ve decided to pursue a career in medical transcription, let’s take a look on what most medical transcriptionists do to get their first clients. Please note that the following tips can be adapted to general transcription.

Medical transcription is one of the best income opportunities especially in terms of how long it takes to actually generate your first cash flow. Mainly because it’s one of the most profitable service-based system. Compared to other internet home-based opportunities where you have to work hard for almost over a year in order to generate your first income, medical transcription jobs can be profitable in less than a month. Always remember that medical transcription jobs is something you can create.

In fact, once you got some few clients, the next batch of acquisition may be a lot easier. It happens most of the time! Once a good reputation and steady client base is in place, it will be less and less difficult to get them. It will eventually reach to a point where you don’t have to work for it yourself. They’ll be the ones looking for you instead. Medical transcription jobs on client acquisition can be really tough like any other income opportunities, though the rewards are more than worth it. The challenge is, you just have to ACT and keep moving because clients just don’t magically appear. Like other services, most people don’t want to buy your stuff but there will always be a few who does. Invest on them few good people. Keep on looking at the brighter side of the journey towards success. Rejection, mistakes, failures, etc are all part of client acquisition. So from now on, start accepting to yourself that landing your first client may surely take time and effort, but the good thing is, you can get them anyway.

Do whatever it takes to get your first 3 clients, and then learn from that experience. Apply changes and get to your second 3, and so on. Challenge yourself to a client building goal of at least 50.

Once you have your first 3 clients, celebrate! Acquiring some reliable paying customers can be the start of something big. They can be people who will always gladly pay you. They just can’t wait to give you their money for you’re a solution to their needs. With real clients, it will be a great chance to perform tests on the quality of your services, delivery, prices and customer service. Take a closer look and develop a more comprehensive plan. Don’t forget to include a plan on how to keep your clients long-lasting. Now you can feel growth even from the start!

So let’s go on with the 10 tips that can help you acquire your first clients. ENJOY TAKING MORE ACTION!

1. Local Newspaper Ads

Take an advertisement out on your local newspaper. Starting an advert requires spending time, money and effort, so get the best out of it. Never let it go to waste. There’s a higher chance your first advert goes useless, so work on it carefully. A good mindset when making advertisement, especially paid ones, is to make sure the advert is based on following proven tactics that provide leads effectively. Include as many information as possible you think is important to your potential clients in order to get them interested and hooked. Newspaper ads are very limited when it comes to the number of text or details one can place, so you have to work out on a strategy. To do so, include a url to a sales page that includes a video in it. It is really important for you to have your own transcription service websiteCreate a video that talks about the necessary details you would like your potential clients to know instead of writing a lengthy sales page that may just simply overwhelm people. Not all of the visitors are going to make an order the first time, so you should find a way to get their contacts. You can do this with Optin Skin. It allows you to collect their names and email addresses.

Start-ups don’t usually have reputation to begin with. However, credibility should come ahead of time and it’s all on you as the person behind the endeavor.

2. Local Classifieds

When you see an ad that interests you, make an inquiry. Searching the local classifieds can be very beneficial especially because potential clients may just be near you where you can easily reach out to them in person if needed so.

There are certain potential clients who only work with people who’s available locally and to whom they can meet face-to-face. So you should embrace local opportunities too. Going local makes it easier to be an authority in your area and niche as well.

3. Internet Freelancing Websites

Many medical transcriptionist jobs are available over internet freelancing sites, like Freelancer.com, Elance.com, Odesk.com and Guru.com. There are a lot of people like you on these sites so make sure to stand out. One tip to do so is by building a better than the average profile page. To do this, add a video or post a link to your video that shows what makes your service different.

Why is a video so important to get your first clients? Because people buy people. They want to evaluate you as a person and learn how you are committed and sincere to what you do. Another good thing about having a video is, one don’t necessarily have to personally talk it out in front of people physically which is beneficial, especially to “shy-type” individuals.

4. Internet Classifieds and social networks

Having internet classifieds widely available today, you can target people outside your locality. It will give a higher chance to land a deal than relying only on one’s local classifieds. Craigslist is one of the best options. When posting, be as detailed and professional as you can. It’s recommended to include your name, business name, and transcription service website to at least indicate that you’re a real serious deal. It will make you look like a big organization. List yourself on Yelp, Yellowpages and any other websites that you feel can be a lead generator.

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are a great way to connect with various communities that may be interested to what you have to offer. Join groups and share links, especially of your video. Make it look like you’re an authority on what you do.

Do you want some magic, sort of? It’s no real magic but go to Twitter, enter “transcriptionist needed” on the search field and you’ll be amazed.

Moreover, Google search can be your friend. You can simply make a Google search with a combination of keywords like “doctor” + “cardiovascular” + “Ontario”, and then in a few seconds, there you have some fuels to start your prospect list.

5. Direct contact

Identify specific leads in your target market, which in your case as a medical transcriptionist, are medical professionals. Find out where they go to find the solutions you offer. A good direct relationship marketing strategy is to get involved in the community where your target market is involved. People usually do business with people they trust. Deals can also be informally formed during casual occasions. If in any way you’re invited to an speaking engagement, go for it and mention about your website. Always be inspirational. Don’t get boring.

Also, spend some time to visit hospitals and local doctor’s offices to express your interest to work with them, and maybe drop some flyers or brochures. Or you can hire someone to do it for you.

The quality of how you communicate is a strong indicator that people will look upon when evaluating you. Words can make you look smart or stupid, so be careful.

Another very useful tip is to obtain a list of doctors, healthcare professionals and organizations. A medical transcriptionist can use it to make personal phone calls or email marketing campaigns offering his help.

6. Direct Email

Email can be a very important communication tool for pitching clients. When making one, spend time to come up with the best subject line you can think of. Second, highlight your experience if any, and make the content concise alongside a strong offer. To narrow your pitch to what’s really important to your potential client, consider to spend time researching on where potential clients get transcription help. Look for loopholes and fill the gap. One commonly used effective headline is “I’ll work on the first 10 minutes of the audio file for free.”

The most important thing you can get from first clients is feedback. Yes, it’s better than money.

When approaching people, don’t make it look like you’re asking for business. Ask them in a way that you’re looking for advice on how you can help them, or any person they know who’s looking for solutions. Credibility is not all about your work, but the names you associate with.

7. Ask for referrals

There’s a good chance your friends or family personally know medical professionals. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals. Reach out to everyone. Many medical transcription jobs are generated through referrals. It’s part of nature that people can be sold to a product or service easier by people they personally know. This is one real key. And if you don’t believe it, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. A person known by a person who knows another person is good enough to get you a deal. Every person you know, of whatever social status, is a potential inroad to your objectives.

One can also get reliable referrals through joining transcription classes. Good recommendations can be taken from people who teaches exactly what you’re wanting to do. Classes can give you more knowledge and earn you more skills anyway.

If you think it’s important to gain top transcription insights too, these are the best available resources: Transcription Crash Course and Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home. Highly recommended.

8. Online Advertisements

If you have enough cash to support internet advertising campaigns, you should give pay-per-click marketing a try. The most popular program that offer this kind of service is Google’s AdWords and Facebook advertisement. However, this will necessitate careful planning and a lot of test measures to get real leads out of each dollar spent.

It’s best to have a video included on the landing sales page you had your advert for, so you can get the most exposure for each clicks. Moreover, advertising can devour money as fast as possible without any real ROI, especially to beginners. This will be an ongoing trial and error process. So spend lightly.

9. Check general sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster and SimplyHired.

These site allows you to let people know you’re looking for medical transcription jobs. MT Daily is another useful site.

There are forums that’s primarily made for medical transcriptionists such as MT Chat and MT Stars. It will be a great way to meet other transcriptionists and start networking along the way.

10. Medical Transcription Jobs Partnership

Stop viewing your competitors as enemies but instead as opportunities. Hating your competitors only cost you time and lost chances. Competitors can be really helpful to get you off ground and speed up your own medical transcription career. Reach out to them and figure out if they have projects they’re too busy to handle. This is also a chance where you can team up and build more profitable streams together.

It’s a promising partnership strategy to identify people who may be interested on what you’re trying to do. There are like-minded people who you can partner with, share costs with, work hard with, and build confidence with. Together, chances of getting your first clients can be more than you’ve ever expected!

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