10 Things to be Grateful for as a Transcriptionist

10 Things to be Grateful for as a Transcriptionist

It’s just been recently that the powerful impact on the practice of being grateful is coming to light worldwide. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley shared that the regular practice of gratitude offers plenty invaluable benefits such as developing a stronger immune systems, lowering of blood pressure, sustained higher levels of positive emotions, greater sense of joy, happiness, fulfillment and optimism, increasing sense of generosity and compassion, and lesser feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here are a few of the things a transcriptionist can be immensely grateful for.

1. The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web has revolutionized the way we connect, share and get things done. What once started as a service to send messages has become intricately interwoven with our lives that it is often impossible to imagine life to continue with its absence. The biggest benefit of the internet from a transcriptionist’s perspective is the sense of empowerment that it provides. The internet allows one to network with people, outsource work, and also start an entire transcription business with pennies as capital investment. Many of the big players currently competing would have never existed if the internet had never been invented.

2. Google.com

All of us have been immensely benefitted by the world’s best search engine. It is fast, sleek and versatile. It also has touched nearly every aspect of life. It isn’t surprising that the Oxford Dictionary recognizes google as a verb. Google makes researching and gathering information a piece of cake and in this fast-paced age, where being up-to-date and constantly learning is important, Google as a tool is indispensable.

3. Transcription as a Source of Income

If done right, transcription can become a source of passive income that grows exponentially with time. Never has it been easier to share knowledge and create a niche for oneself. Once this identity has been established, steady money may keep rolling in. Achievements bring a sense of respect, approval and a feeling of accomplishment. The trend has been to provide quality service, customer satisfaction and product offers that adds value to people’s lives. Once a regular group of customers has been formed, you stand to earn through income streams often up to a few thousand dollars a month! It takes tremendous effort and dedication in the beginning but the pay-offs are immense.

4. Online Flexibility

Another remarkable aspect of the digital age is the disappearance of borders in the online world. One can now easily collaborate with a student from India, a professional from Japan, a teacher from Singapore, an accountant from UK right from one’s couch. One can even run a business while globe-trotting. Leveraging the internet as a transcriptionist offers the flexibility to choose from where and when to work and being able to enjoy this freedom always serves as a reminder to be grateful.

5. PayPal

PayPal has definitely become a trustworthy friend to the humble transcriptionist. It makes it easy to deal with finances when your client might be on the other side of the world, in a different time-zone and you might never meet him/her physically. If you take a moment to imagine the troubles one would have to go through to exchange money in the absence of PayPal, you’ll realize the brilliance behind something so simple and straightforward. Nearly all earnings online can be via PayPal.

6. Constant Change

Another thing a transcriptionist can be immensely grateful for is the constant change in one’s work that is simply non-existent in a typical 9-5 job that most of your friends are employed in. Clients and projects are always changing and thus one can get to play a diverse set of roles like becoming a writer, designer, businessman, salesman etc. Although at times it does get scary and frustrating, but at the end you can be grateful as you’re not a person who fits well in the 9-5 job.

7. Learning as a Part of the Job

To thrive in a competitive environment that is constantly changing, a transcriptionist needs to keep learning. It’s also great to have those readily available and affordable home study courses like Transcription Crash Course and Step-by-Step Guide to Medical Transcription at Home for those with a little budget to afford an entire formal transcription training. Being one provides plenty of opportunities that make sure you learn something new every day. Extra time for trainings allow you to learn new skills at your own pace and it is something that you can also be immensely grateful for. Wikipedia has been immensely beneficial too. It may have been met with a lot skepticism in the beginning but has become a reliable source of information today with some arguing that Wikipedia is nearly as accurate as any traditional encyclopedia.

8. Mistakes

Transcriptionists can also be grateful for all the mistakes they made and for all the mistakes that they may make in the future. Mistakes are the best way to learn and taking risks without any guarantee of success can bring one out of his/her comfort zone. And anyone who has stepped out of their comfort zone will agree as to what a wonderful place it could be.

9. Relaxation Activities

Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques can impressively help in one’s transcription journey. You may have not come across any technique invented by mankind that can match the ability of these ancient Indian practices to eliminate stress in a short period of time, build up a strong stress resilience, and keep one’s mind form a feeling of happiness and energetic throughout the day. The best working related benefit of meditation is having increased levels of concentration and focus that aid in one’s productivity. All it takes is a 20-minute session twice a day.

10. Family and Friends

Choosing to be a transcriptionist entrepreneur is choosing to tread the path less traveled and this will definitely be an uphill journey. It demands unpredictable working hours along with the courage to battle through the rough times. None of which would have been possible for one’s success without the love and support of one’s family and friends. You should be grateful to your parents for inculcating a sense of values and for teaching you to believe in yourself and also to your friends and other people with whom without them, you would not be here today reading this list of things you should be thankful for as a transcriptionist or transcription business owner.

It definitely pays to start consciously practicing gratitude and there are definitely events, people and objects in life to which you can be grateful to. It’s best to keep a gratitude journal, either in a small notepad or one of the many smartphones available today.

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