FTP Upload via FileZilla in 5 Steps

FTP Upload via FileZilla in 5 Steps

FTP Upload. This option allows you to send huge files directly to our directory. The most popular and powerful FTP Client over the internet is FileZilla. This software can be downloaded for free – FileZilla Client Download. This applications functionality on various operating systems is the same.


FTP Upload Steps

1. FTP connection and establishment. After installing FileZilla on your computer, enter the domain or IP address (this will be the target directory where the files will be contained) in the field labeled “Host”. Then, type the corresponding data for the “Username” and “Password” field. Click “Quickconnect” to get access on the designated directory.

Note: The data for “Host”, “Username” and “Password” will be provided by us as necessary.


2. FTP Upload. If you were successful in establishing FTP connection, you’ll be able to see the “Remote Site” files and folders, if any. On the left panel of FileZilla, you’ll see a window labeled “Local Site”. Here, locate and select the file/s to be uploaded. Right-click on them, then click “Upload”.


3. FTP Progress. The bottom window contains three tabs. On the first tab, it’s labeled “Queued files”. This will display ftp upload progression. If the upload was successful, it will be moved and shown on the “Successful Transfers” tab or otherwise, on the “Failed Transfers” tab.


4. FTP Check. To make sure you’ve got a complete upload of the audio file, you may want to compare the uploaded file size with the original copy. If you can see big difference between the two, you should reconsider re-uploading. Uploading is very much affected by Internet Speed.


5. FTP Complete. Upon completion, you may now simply exit/close the FileZilla software.


Congratulations! Those audio files are now ready for transcription.  So that’s how easy and simple FTP Upload works. OK, we’ve gotta transcribe ‘em now. Before we forget, if you’ve got any problems uploading your audio files for transcription, please leave us a message.




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