3 Popular Free Recording Software

3 Popular Free Recording Software

Free recording software are available online. These software let you record wanted audio files for any project you may be up to. These tools might be of need prior to sending audio files to us for transcription. Surely, we’ll be glad to transcribe them for you.

The following software also comes with some editing option capabilities. Together with a voice recorder, they can be great useful tools for your recording/dictation process needs. Each application can be downloaded freely from their respected sites. Feel free to conduct further research on them and choose your best fit.


1. Audacity

This is an audio recording and editing software where it supports varied formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG and AIFF. Editing options include cut, copy, paste, delete, effects and mixing of tracks. The navigations are well organized which makes it an easy-to-work-with interface.


2. Wavosaur Free Audio Editor

This can be a professional free recording software of choice that also allows recording of audio from your soundcard input like your microphone. This allows vocal removal, pitch shift, silence remover, batch processing and cross fade loop. Other editing features include cut, copy, paste, undo, crop and delete. Record, stop and volume control of the output is possible.


3. Streamosaur

One can save money from costly purchases with this free recording software too. It is a simple and straightforward application. This lets you save a recorded file in WAV and MP3 formats. Recording using this application can be made with a microphone. And it can be an easy task, considering the well-defined buttons. Sound capturing of external player is also possible.


Free Recording Software

Thanks to the above free recording software, one won’t get their pockets empty buying premium and expensive applications anymore. Choose and grab a copy of your best fit software now!

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