Best Wrist Support Gloves For Transcription

Best Wrist Support Gloves For Transcription

The art of listening to a recording and typing out the word verbatim is referred to as transcription. Any professional performing the task is known as a transcriptionist. Having been recognized as a growing profession for a long time, there now exists various fields of transcription.

Having a grasp of the particular terminologies in your relevant field of transcription is ideal for a successful undertaking of the profession. As a transcriptionist, you are required to have good grammar, punctuation and typing skills. And these need constant practice.

Typing remains to be the top most task performed by any transcriptionist. Being able to type almost at the same rate as the speech that you are listening to is what sets aside pro and amateur transcriptionists. However, typing can generally have a negative effect on your wrists.

What starts out as a mild pain or some sort of ‘pins and needles’ sensation in an individual’s hand can possibly result in extreme pain that can impede the transcriptionist’s performance. The act of ignoring the pain or simply not taking any preventative measures can lead to the premature retirement of flourishing transcriptionists.

Pain is usually caused by constant strain on the wrists due to continuous typing for hours. To help reduce or even prevent the pain, wrist support gloves can be used.

Best Wrist Support Gloves For Transcription

Below is a list of what may be considered as the best wrist support gloves for transcription.

1. The Carpal Mate Wrist Support Splint

best wrist support gloves for transcription carpalmateBearing a generally simplistic design, the Carpal Mate Splint provides support for the wrists while promoting rest of your hands. It is by a means of the padding that comes with it which is made of foam.

Its design provides a full range of motion for your hands and fingers when typing. The splint area just below the wrists is designed to provide and orthopedically correct angle while typing; to ensure maximum comfort and reduced strain while typing. To top it off, these gloves are comfortable enough to be worn all throughout the day.

2. SoftFlex Wristwear Computer Gloves

best wrist support gloves for transcription softflexThese gloves are acclaimed to be helpful in full range motions especially when typing. This is due to the nylon-based spandex material used in its manufacturing.

It consists of parallel cushions to be exact. These cushions help reduce pressure to a major nerve in the wrists that is usually affected by long hours of typing - the Median Nerve. Pressure to the nerve is the main cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

3. SmartGlove Wrist Wrap

best wrist support gloves for transcription imaxThe wrist wrap was designed by an Orthopedic Surgeon. It helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with Carpal Tunner Syndrome, tendonitis and arthritis by encouraging proper hand and wrist position.

The advantage of these gloves is its ability to keep the wrists warm while providing full motion in the hands and fingers. It features a flexible support splint; washable and breathable cotton material for all day comfort. It also includes a massaging ergoBeads pad under the wrist which cushions and improves circulation.

At the end of the day, transcription should remain true to its potential of being an enjoyable job. Nothing should limit you as a transciptionist. To remain in tip-top, consider getting yourself one of the above wrist support gloves which continue to receive praise from the transcription community.

Your health will always be your wealth.

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