5 Best Transcription Software

5 Best Transcription Software

Transcription software is a vital necessity especially when it comes to starting a transcription service business. The software equally proves to be an important tool for people who have decided to leave the corners of regular employment and start working as a home based freelance virtual transcriptionist assistant.

Some transcription software programs can be purchased online while others can be downloaded for free. You have to examine different advantages and disadvantages of each as mentioned below in order to make an educated judgment on which to download or purchase.

The following tools make transcription work easier and faster. The use of each are straightforward and only require just basic computer skills.

Best Transcription Software

1. Listen N Write: This transcription software is designed for WAV and MP3 files. It only takes a little of the hard drive space of your computer. It contains the basic requirement and capabilities of transcription software such as text editing, playback, book marks and key controls.

It definitely has the capability of significantly simplifying transcription tasks. It helps you to transcribe recordings more accurately and fast. The tool however does not contain the feature of automatic transcription nor any speech or voice recognition technology hence you still have to work them out manually.

2. VoxSigma: This is a product offering suite that comes from Vocapia Research. The transcription software has capabilities of supporting different languages like French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Mandarin, German and Portuguese.

It’s intended for hefty workloads and professional use. This tool can be really helpful especially with challenges like the transcription of recordings with a noisy background. Its design is made to deal with loads of video and audio files that require real time transcription.

3. MacSpeech Scribe: For the individuals who use Apple software and hardware, it will be the best option. The tool is considerably very smart and efficient for use. It offers an assurance of helping you achieve a speedy transcription.

One of the main function of the software is to handle recorded dictation transcription done by a single speaker and saved in wav, .m4,.mp4,.aiff formats. It has the capability of processing any recordings from any handheld devices but only if they are in the supported formats.

4. MAXQDA : It’s a software that handles text analysis. It performs analysis of the videos or audios that are mainly for assessment purposes. It does this effectively and efficiently. The fact that it has an in-built player, it helps ensure transcriptions are done directly.

It contains tools such as playback, pause, time stamps and sync mode that comes in handy. The good thing about the transcription software is having the output possible for use in different transcription software.

5. Express Scribe: One of the most popular and the best transcription software that can be used in both PC and Mac. It contains capability to work with a foot pedal control easily which can assist in having a professional job done anytime.

You can also make use of the hot keys for controls in order to maximize the features of the program while getting better and faster results. With using Express Scribe, you can enjoy transcription software functions like playback and file management features, without having to pay for the software.

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