5 Best Transcription Headsets

5 Best Transcription Headsets

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to find the right or best transcription headset to use. There are several headsets available in the market but there but a few that are perfect for comfort and transcription needs.

Consider the following options to free yourself from being overwhelmed by looking into all the different products available in the market.

Best Transcription Headsets

1. Spectra USB Transcription Headset

Best Transcription Headsets spectraSpectra are among the headsets considered to be most reliable in the market. This headset contains a USB connector that allows you to easily hook them up to a laptop or computer.

It has a digital volume control which puts the model and brand on the cutting edge of technology. It contains ear pieces that fit comfortably and easily to the ears. It has a dome shape piece that conforms to ear’s shape.

This headset contains ten foot cord and a shirt clip. It allows for adaptability and additional ease. Spectra USB Transcription Headset serves as the best affordable alternative to expensive headsets, costing only about $32.

2. Lanier Transcription Headset

Best Transcription Headsets lanierThis headset has the capability to allow you to switch between mono and stereo. The headset can be used effectively by transcribers considering that it offers a number of different features of premium quality. The switch of the volume control is located on the headset to allow for easy adjustments.

The ear pieces of the Lanier headset are padded and small in size. The headset provides a high tech option that is comfortable and light. Despite of high quality, the headset is affordable at an estimated cost of about $30.

3. Philips Speech Deluxe Transcription Headset

Best Transcription Headsets philipsPhilips takes a chin style shape and is both affordable and comfortable. It has cables that are ten foot allowing free movement. The headsets contain a sized speaker which is decently fixed.

The headset features and provides high quality audio. It has a unique design of having it fall below the chin. Its lightweight built prevents the occurrence of pains around the head, which can also help prevent possible headaches.

The Philips Speech Deluxe Transcription headsets are also affordable and go for about $40.

4. EBS USB Wishbone Style Headset

Best Transcription Headsets ebsThis headset contains a design that offers high level of flexibility. They are very comfortable and full of style. It also contains a USB port that ensures that it can be used with a computer.

It also has a ten foot cord that enables versatility. This headsets is very user friendly having its volume controls easily accessible, allowing you to swiftly make adjustments of the volume.

The ear pieces for this headset contain a sponge like cover that ensures maximum comfort. If you are interested in a headset that is extremely affordable and comfortable, this is the handset for you. Its market price is about $25.

5. ECS Wordsmith Noise Reduction in Ear USB Transcription Headset

Best Transcription Headsets ecsThis headset is high tech, comfortable and easy to carry. It is one of the headsets that are compatible with most transcribing systems and software programs providing high quality audio.

It contains a noise reduction feature that helps users to transcribe more accurately and fast. Its ear buds are small in size containing covers that are comfortably coated and conforms to any ear size.

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