6 Ways To Efficiently Use Your Transcription Free Hours

6 Ways To Efficiently Use Your Transcription Free Hours

Most of us tend to direct all our attention and energy in making ourselves efficient only when working. However, rather than doing nothing in your non-working hours, make use of it in a smart manner of making it beneficial to your general and/or medical transcription endeavor. Here are some of the most recommended approaches that you can use.

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1. Networking

As a transcriptionist and/or transcription entrepreneur, networking is one of the most important facets to the success of your business. Networking allows exchange of ideas and more importantly a chance to meet and interact with experts who might make great supporter of your team or even serve as a bridge for more projects. Networking also allows successful clients recommend you to their partners and associates. You need not always to attend professional parties, for your immediate friends circle can be a good place to go after and begin networking. You never know, but a friend of a friend, might be looking for business and might be possessing the right skill sets that can help kick things up a notch for your transcription business. To remind you, socializing is always a stress buster.

2. Read

Reading has been proven to be one of the best ways to keep the grey matter in our brains fresh and active. A good book can tingle our imagination, burst our stress through humor, and trigger new ideas. As Groucho Marx once said “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” If you too can slowly make a switch from watching television to reading good books, you will start to notice tremendous benefits. In addition to what has been mentioned above, reading expands your vocabulary, boosts memory, develops analytical and cognitive skills, and improves one’s writing. Reading newspaper, either online or in a hardcopy form can keep you abreast of all the current affairs. Reading biographies of successful entrepreneurs can serve as source of inspiration and motivation. All of these can together help improve the way you interact and communicate with your clients.

3. Meditate

The culture today seems to only revolve around working hard and partying even harder. The misconception that alcohol is good for relaxation, makes you dependent and in the long run can be harmful, especially when the habit can’t be controlled. Science has finally recognized that nothing works better than meditation, yoga and breathing techniques in eliminating stress and boosting energy. Twenty minutes of meditation, twice a day, definitely makes for a better way of withdrawing from the day’s trials and tribulations. The mind being abstract cannot be controlled directly. The ancient civilizations of India, being aware of this tendency developed simple breathing techniques that allow you to modulate the mind indirectly. Benefits include calmness, increased focus, positive emotions, and a mind that does not oscillate between the past and the future. A secret behind productivity. A really popular breathing technique is the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga by the Art of Living Foundation. Watch this video to learn more (http://goo.gl/JD82mN).

4. Get Physical

When you have been stuck in front of your computer the whole day, getting outside and running a few blocks, can certainly boost your mood and help you blast through any mental roadblocks. The change of scene might also spark new ideas or help you come up with solutions to the problems you are working on. But the biggest advantage of running is the development of endurance and an attitude of not giving up. As you slowly increase the distance, you are training your brain to keep pushing to the very limits and this is highly desirable when building a general or medical transcriptionist endeavor. If running doesn’t excite you, try cycling, swimming or even practicing 108 rounds of Suryanamaskar, a set of 12 yoga postures that tone nearly every muscle of the human body.

5. Shop for Good Furniture

Doctors recommend that when sitting in front of a computer, your knees must be bent at right angles to the floor and elbows bent 90 degrees to the shoulders. This posture ensures that the spine is at a straight position, having body relaxed and primed for maximum performance. Buying good furniture, that supports your weight in the right manner, is crucial as the effects of poor posture can turn up later in life which is often irreversible. Don’t try to save money against health. It is recommended to buy furniture in person, that’s after using it and getting a feel for it. Another alternative is to consider standing desks. It places very little strain on your body and helps to keep burning calories too.

6. Outsource

All of us cannot be good at everything. Each person is competent in a few skills and as a transcription independent contractor, it is common sense to make use of every person’s core competence. Many people tend to want to do things on their own and this often leads to a huge learning curve. The huge amount of time that gets wasted especially on first time mistakes can be easily avoided through outsourcing work to experts. Tasks like data entry, article rewriting, web designing, graphic designing etc can be outsourced to talented freelancers. Many websites on the World Wide Web are designed to connect employers and freelancers, making it hassle free to get things done. Often, hiring freelancers from countries with a weaker currency saves a ton of money. Sharing the work does also trains and earns you experience in management related skills that surely will come in handy as your transcription endeavor grows.

The next time you’ve got free time to consume, don’t forget one of these complimentary activities that can definitely add value to you and to your transcription goals, directly or indirectly. We look forward to hear your experiences and/or ideas that you may have considered applicable. Good luck.

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